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Is It Too Early For Christmas Music?

November 10, 2012

This post is inspired something I heard the other day. While I as eating at one of the dining halls on Mizzou’s campus, I heard Christmas music being played. This had me question, “Is it too early to hear Christmas music?”

Before we get started, understand this is not going to be a rant on Christmas music. I want to show you a couple things and hear your opinion on the matter.

CNN recently reported that a drugstore chain in Canada, named Shoppers Drug Mart, had almost 1,200 stores stop playing Christmas music as a result of many customer complaints.

The company made the announcement on its Facebook page. You can see the post here.

If you clicked the link, you could see that there was a strong reaction to that post, obtaining over 7,000 “likes.” That is significantly higher than most of its other posts, which range from 20 to more than 200 “likes.”

Image from

Hearing Christmas music does not stop there. In October, Consequence Of Sound reported that Starbucks would be releasing a holiday album on Oct. 30 called Holidays Rule. That album was indeed released on that date.

Is it too early for Christmas, or any holiday music? If so, when do you think it is appropriate to hear it? Let us know in the comments section.


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  1. Oh… to me I don’t like it when we hear it before Thanksgiving, but I understand that the capitalist system we live in depends on holiday revenue… Halloween is where I draw the line mentally, and I’ve noticed some commercials have already crossed it.

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