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The Beatles 50th Anniversary

November 17, 2012

This week marked the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles signing its record deal with Brian Epstein. So because of that, I wanted to talk about how The Beatles influenced me personally, and go into some detail on how the band shaped music.

I remember The Beatles being one of the first bands that I could identify when I was about 3 or 4 years old. During that time, being so young, I just knew only a few bands’ names. My parents would play The Beatles in our garage and in their car and I would sing along with songs likes “She Loves You” and “Eight Days A Week.”

Listening to many types of music and artists since then, no band has made such an impact on our society since The Beatles. If you go up and ask anyone about The Beatles, they will know what you are talking about. Yes bands like Green Day and Foo Fighters are popular now, but The Beatles are a band that is cross-generational. You could go up to an older person or a teenager and they would be able to name at least one of The Beatles songs.

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If you look at different recording techniques bands use now, fading into songs, layering music, etc. many of these things became more understood because The Beatles were doing it.

The Beatles experimented with different genres and evolved as a band, starting with a 1950s rock and roll style, and evolved into what the 70s rock style became. Not many bands would use sitars or try to learn other styles of music to get better at what they do.

A band like this that started out playing originals and covers and became one of, if not the biggest band ever.

It’s really hard to describe how The Beatles influenced music and me because they have done so much to shape modern music and all the music that I listen to and follow.


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