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Wavves: Afraid Of Heights, 8.5 out of 10

March 23, 2013


A few months ago, Wavves announced that during the writing process of its new album, it was listening to Weezer’s Weezer (Blue Album) about 10 times a day for inspiration. Now that the album, Afraid Of Heights is here, you can hear the influence, but it does not quite measure up to Weezer’s debut.

On Afraid Of Heights, like other of Wavves works, you can distinguish that the band listens to a lot of Weezer, Green Day and Nirvana.

One thing that the album does very well is the transitioning between songs. Wavves has a buzz and noise at the end of most of the songs that leads into the next. It’s hard to picture each song without the other.

The song  “Demon To Lead On” features a simple riff throughout the song that the rest of the song builds on well. The vocals in the song feature an easy hook that gets you ready for the chorus, “Holding a gun to my head, and send me an angel, or bury me deeply instead ,with demons to lead on.”

“Mystic” features that lo-fi sound that Wavves has been known to use. The solo doesn’t have a hard sound that you would expect from a song like this, it is very ambient and acts more of an accompanied element, rather than being the featured piece of the song.

“Dog” has a similar soothing vocal line that has been featured throughout the album. And this continues the idea of building a song around the main riff, this time on bass. But one thing that should be noted is that the band used an instrument that sounds like the bells, and that too is used throughout the song.

On this album, Wavves did an excellent job balancing its vocal hooks with its riffs, and it’s Descendents-like rhythms. In many ways, it did base itself off of The Blue Album because of the album’s song’s structure. This is an album that is good in its own right and should not have to be compared to fantastic albums that are great in its own right.


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