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Women in Sports 3

March 16, 2014

This week, I will again talk about the lack of coverage that women’s sports represent. Only this time, it will be for the television station, ESPN.

First, before I get into my interpretation of what ESPN is doing (in correspondence with the reading I did of C.A. Tuggle’s “Differences in television sports reporting of men’s and women’s athletics: ESPN Sportcenter and CNN Sports tonight), I will show a little bit of information about the company.

ESPN is owned by Disney, and often works with ABC. ESPN is also the most expensive basic cable channel, costing every customer $5.13 on their bills.

ESPN is currently is contracted with the following sports leagues:




NCAA Football

NCAA Men’s Basketball

NCAA Women’s Basketball


NCAA Ice Hockey Tournament (not regular season, for men or women)




World Series of Poker

CFL (certain games)

PGA (certain tournaments)

The station’s target demographic are males, so that could explain why many of the leagues the station shows are male dominated. But something that  Tuggle brought up in the reading is that undercoverage of women’s sports are detrimental because it gives the idea that not many women are playing sports, which is not true. In 2013, ESPN ran a program to celebrate Title IX, but any viewer could tell you just by watching the station, the only women’s sport that is occasionally played on its main station (not including ESPN 2) is NCAA women’s basketball, and even that is under covered.

This weekend features both the NCAA men’s basketball  conference tournaments, and the women’s basketball conference tournaments.

Here is what is featured on the website on March 15:


There is not one single story about women’s basketball. It doesn’t even look like there is a game, judging by the lack of coverage.

This is different than last week’s post, which featured Sports Illustrated, because SI is a magazine and can show postgame coverage and feature stories. ESPN can actually show these sports on its main station (which has more viewers than ESPN 2, where things like the World Series of Poker is played), because they do have contracts to show air some women’s sports.

Question of the week:

Would you like to see more


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