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Women In Sports 4

March 21, 2014

This week is the start of the NCAA men’s and women’s tournaments, and of course, we are seeing coverage of primarily the men’s tourney.

This week, I read a chapter of MediaSport by Lawrence Wenner.  The chapter I read talked about the asymmetrical gendering of that sport by the titles that we use. He talks about how simply calling the women’s championship as “Women’s National Championship” instead of “National Championship” as the men’s league does, creates a perceived gap between the two leagues, by fans.

There may not be much the journalists can do for this situation, except maybe calling the men’s tournament the “Men’s National Championship,” or calling the women’s championship “The National Championship.”  There is a chance that if something like that would happen, media could have an affect.  This is proven true by journalists putting themselves into the Redskins’ controversy, and actively not calling the team by its name. Many call the Redskins the “Washington Football Club” to promote a change.

Journalists could help promote equality just by distinguishing the “National Championship” as the “Men’s National Championship.”


What do you think journalists could do to help promote equality in sports?


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