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Women in Sports 6

April 11, 2014

This week, I read the chapter “Women, Sport and Media Institutions: Issues in Sports Journalism and Marketing” by Pamela J. Creedon.  This chapter talks about the huge disparities, in terms of money, that professional women’s sports face compared to men’s sports. It cites economic reasons as to why some sports, like basketball, men make more than women do.  I decided to dig a little deeper to show that the gender wage gap in professional sports is still slighted in favor of men, even without the economic factor.

First, here is Forbes list of top money earners in tennis. As you can see in the gallery on that webpage, half of the top money earners are women. Good sign, correct?

Well, this Forbes article, emphasizes how men get paid more overall for the sport. Makes sense because more people watch men’s tennis, right? Wrong.

Again, this one issue is not an end all means to the argument of gender wage gap, because leagues like the NBA do drive more revenue than the WNBA.  But, when we go to a worldwide game, where the women’s league is watched more than the men’s league and we still have that gap, that shows that there is more than just an economic factor being applied to the pay gap.


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