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Women in Sports 7

April 18, 2014

This week, I read a chapter titled “Gender Warriors In Sports” by Margaret Carlisle Duncan.  Basically, what this chapter is emphasizing, is the idea that media portrays men as strong, and warrior-like, which is the very opposite of the portrayal of women.  For the most part, it IS true. Injuries in major women’s sports are not covered the same way for major men’s sports.  It is very rare that media covers major injuries for women, other than specific examples of Nancy Kerrigan.

The most recent of these examples for men, was on Wednesday, when Ryan Getzlaf took a slap shot to the face, and is going to play in the NHL Playoffs today. Last month, a Dallas Stars player had a cardiac event and collapsed on the bench and asked to be put back in the game. This could just be from the nature of hockey, because something like the two events have not been reported for other sports, men’s or women’s. However, there have been virtually no reports on any of the major sports outlets of a related story.


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