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Women In Sports 8

April 26, 2014

This week, Northwestern University football players voted on whether to form the first union for college athletes.  First, before I get into my points, the union being formed has nothing to do with payment. What is explained in the article hyperlinked above is that it wants players to be able to have healthcare from injuries caused by the sport, and that the school could not take away any scholarship because of a injury. All of that is fine.

The only problem is right now, and this could be because of a lack of information because the union is in its beginning stages, but articles about this issue seem to leave out women’s sports. Football players are not the only athletes that suffer from injury and scholarships.

Earlier this week, the NCAA approved to let athletes to have unlimited meals and snacks. This came from the result of Shabazz Napier saying that some college athletes do go to bed hungry. That affects all athletes.

NCAA President Mark Emmert decided to have a Q-and-A on a radio show, and mocked athletes that wanted that provision.

The point of this post is to remember that yes, unions for college athletes are a good thing. But most outlets seem to be forgetting about the “non-money” sports.  It will be interesting to see, if more unions start to form, or even the one at Northwestern, how they will include all athletes at those schools.


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